Record clamp for high-end turntables

Clamp made as a sandwich of two plates of 5 mm brass and one 30 mm granite Matrix Anticato. This stone was formed in gelling of lava, and has laminated structure. It results its specific acoustic features.
There is a internal chamber inside of clamp. It filled with tungsten powder. Weight of clamp depends on quantity of powder and can be from 620 to 1000 g. Powder is material , free of own mechanical resonances, very well damped oscilations of objects to which it comes into contact.
Unit of three acoustically very different materials – metal, stone and powder and construction of clamp make a good damping effect.This effect increased because of shape of clamp.
Influence on the sound of turntable is of course subjective matter, some of audiophiles notice bass improvement, better ataque, bass become tighter, others defined improwed dynamics, smooth mid range and high frequency response, less distortion.
This heavy turntable center weight is suitable for heavy duty turntables with strong platter dryve system.
Diameter:      90mm
Height:          45 mm
Weight:         960 g

clamp 4mod.jpgclamp 2mod.jpgclamp 3mod.jpgclamp 1mod.jpgclamp 5mod.jpg